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Greetings Imagine-ers!

We’re now in our third month of 2024! We have been very busy with audits, both FHA and Financial. Our Support Facilitator, Lia, has begun her check-ins with consumers, support staff, and stakeholders. We hope these check-ins will give everyone room to share their concerns, questions, and appreciation.

As we’ve noted before, in examining how the Facilitators become overwhelmed, we keep finding missed opportunities for prevention. Not all but many preventable problems are hitched to communication, especially people not feeling like they can communicate their needs easily or not finding their concerns addressed in a timely fashion.

Imagine has, for at least a decade, had an open door policy meant to ease the pressure from missed communication. Every Imagine client, family member, conservator, employee or other stakeholder has an open invitation to meet with our Executive Director, Assistant Director, a Facilitator or myself and a promise we will follow up.

Our hope with these interviews is to push that open door outward. Our hope is that the interviews can reach those who might be timid or not mad enough yet so that Facilitators can take action before opportunities to build a better, more effective team for our clients have passed.

Each month, Lia plans to interview 10-12 people from different categories of our family and to present findings to senior management, who then hope to better mentor our Facilitators. In the beginning, Lia records the interviews so as not to puncture the anonymity, while the executive team and Lia find a common language and interpretation.

Sharing is caring
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