The Service Sector:

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We are continuing the development of Facilitator Support Plans. These will culminate in person-centered plans for our Facilitators with the goal of better supporting them to improve their own performance, the performance of the teams, and the support delivered to our clients and families.
In the current phase, Facilitators are self-assessing their strengths, and weaknesses, how they doing on certain key functions, how often their teams use person-centered thinking tools, communication with stakeholders, etc.
Once these are all complete, we will match the self-assessments against an assessment by Patty and I based substantially on input from other stakeholders. We will then use person-centered tools and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timebound) goals to develop a plan for each Facilitator.
If you have feedback, please write to either Patty or myself. We want your true opinion of where and how Facilitators can improve, but please don’t hesitate to give a cheer if you find one inside you. I do want to note that we receive a pretty steady stream of input about Facilitators and don’t think we’ve forgotten much. If you have recently been in touch about a Facilitator you work with, you are welcome to repeat yourself or add to it, but your recent input has also been taken into account.

Sharing is caring
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