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What We Do

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Supported Living Services (SLS,) supports individuals in lives of their choosing in homes of their own. SLS seeks to be wholly person-centered. Our SLS reflects the diversity of the people we serve and their needs. Our services range from helping the client in their preferred lifestyle with a focus on critical life skills, budget, hygiene, wellness, and advocacy.

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Family Home Agency (FHA) supports the development of new families composed of adults with developmental disabilities and others in the community with room in their homes and their lives. The FHA program seeks to meet the needs of individuals through a family-centered approach.

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One of Imagine’s values is “Fabric of the Community.” We have a history of leadership in the community serving those with developmental disabilities. Imagine clients have choices in how they participate in the community and create connections.
We work to influence society towards inclusivity and welcoming of our clients. We believe their interests can and should influence policy development.

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