Who We Are

Who We Are

Imagine serves the mission to empower individuals with developmental disabilities through service and advocacy. Since our founding in 2002, Imagine has been committed to quality, defined individually for each person we serve and collectively as fully included participants in our community. Imagine Supported Living Services is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization based and operating in Santa Cruz County, California. We promote empowerment in our clients’ homes and inclusivity in our community.


Leadership Team

The individuals that make up Imagine’s Leadership Team are committed to the mission and values of the agency. The Leadership Team consists of: our Executive Director, Director of Services, Facilitators, Full Charge Bookkeeper, Payroll and Billing Specialist, Human Resources Coordinator, and Administrative Assistant.


Working With Us

Every Imagine employee plays an important role in our team and in helping our organization accomplish its mission. We value the individuality and diversity of our employees.  We work to create cooperative teams for the people we serve. One of Imagine’s core values is to be an employer of choice and our benefits exceed the standard for the industry.

Imagine’s mission is “To empower individuals with developmental disabilities through service and advocacy.” Imagine lives as a community of individuals, expressing our values and implementing our mission through person-centered services provided to about 35 individuals who give our organization its purpose and build our agency through their character, intelligence, interests, charisma and struggle. We list six core values that every choice we make as an organization can be expected to honor.

  1. Outstanding Service. Whatever challenges we face trying to do high-quality work should be met by getting better.
  2. Employer of Choice. The people who work here sacrifice to do so.  We honor them and consider their needs when we think about our sustainability. We promote an inclusive workplace as well as an inclusive community.
  3. Safety and Security. People are free to take risks. We work to make sure the choices are well-informed and that caring people come along on the journey. We take seriously our responsibility to create a safe environment.
  4. Lifelong Learning and Innovation. Excellence demands perseverance, an open mind and courage in the face of challenges. We encourage learning and innovation throughout our community.
  5. Empowerment. Our work allows those we serve to express, expect, attempt and fulfill meaningful choices.
  6. Fabric of the Community. We and the people we serve belong in our community as good neighbors and beloved friends.

Our community includes everyone who cares for the people we serve.

Imagine was founded by Julie Rienhardt in 2002 with four Supported Living Clients. Her focus on the whole community, inclusion, choice and respect for the people we serve set the framework for the values we still hold, as did her insight into the needs of people and the importance of our community. Imagine quickly earned a reputation for leadership and creativity focused on our mission. By the time Julie left in 2013, Imagine had nearly 100 employees serving 22 SLS clients with our FHA program ready to open.

Today, Imagine expresses our values and implements our mission through person-centered services provided to approximately 35 individuals.  Our community includes more than 150 employees and family home providers. We include the families and friends of the people we serve to make us a more mindful, insightful and warmer collective. Imagine strives to improve communities for people with developmental disabilities through collaborative initiatives with like-minded partners and our own events such as our yearly Film Festival.

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