Imagine COVID Vaccine Clinic Announcement Update

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Sorry all, you might be hearing a lot from me as we learn the rules of our clinic. Here are some new ones: We think we will need to input all the people getting vaccinated February 4 into the system this coming Monday, 2/25. We will also need copies or photos of your medical insurance card. Patty is working on getting that for Imagine employees who get their insurance through us but if you are signing up, please add that. We will turn tomorrow if we need the actual cards for our employees as well. Return everything to Patty.

OK, everybody, scramble!

P.S. Below are instructions from the Wednesday email, which still apply. But if you read them already, this is the end of the note.

– Doug

If you have not yet sent your consent form, please do so, even if you hope to be vaccinated somewhere else first (if you are unable to get vaccinated elsewhere, your consent form makes sure you can still participate in our clinic.). The form for everyone is here. If you are signing up someone else as their conservator, you should also fill out this form.

When we were first accepted into this program, it was an opportunity to get the vaccines early. Because it has taken so long and the clinic is still a month away, we have shifted in how we think about this clinic. It is now the backup plan. We strongly encourage Imagine Facilitators to arrange vaccines for clients through their’ healthcare providers as soon as possible and encourage our staff and families to do the same for themselves. Here is a letter I have written to accompany a client in pursuit of the vaccine. Here is a better scan of the letter to accompany caregivers. Here is the letter from DDS that states California’s determination that paid caregivers of people with developmental disabilities qualify for Phase 1(a.). Here is the letter for family members. I will be happy to personalize letters, if desired, within 24 hours. I should note that reports from clients, staff and families vaccinated so far reflect that these letters may not be necessary once you have your appointment.

Three Imagine clients were vaccinated yesterday through their healthcare providers and several staff have been vaccinated as well. If you get the chance, go for it.

A final note: We hope and believe that the availability of vaccines makes this the beginning of the end of our fears around this pandemic. But it is not the end. Please continue to take all advised precautions at home and at work. In the country and the state, the surge has clearly peaked and there is evidence that is may have in Santa Cruz County, but today those of us who have not already had COVID-19 or been vaccinated at least a week ago are still in more danger than at any time before January and vigilance is still needed.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

With gratitude and sincere wishes for your health, safety and wellbeing,

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