Person-Centered Evolution

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The learning log is a great tool for reviewing unusual events in order to learn what you can about an individual. It can be used to prevent something bad from recurring, encourage something good to keep happening or learn a little more about a person you serve and how they respond.

It’s designed with a client’s frustrations in mind and makes a great companion to incident reports.

The process begins by recording the event and looking at the environment. Who was there? What happened? What did the person do? What worked well? What worked badly?

The act of filling these columns out invites caregivers and other members of someone’s circle of support to consider what happened in view of the stimulus as well as the actions and to record what was done in response that was both successful and unsuccessful. It’s an especially good tool for new clients with behavioral or safety challenges and a way for the witnesses to an event to prepare themselves and their colleagues to make better decisions in the future.

Sharing is caring
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