Imagine Weekly COVID Update 8

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This is the eighth edition of our temporary, weekly COVID-19 update- leaving out all the midweek stuff. Our goal with this newsletter is to inform our community with whatever we know about the vaccination, conditions in the County and cases at Imagine. Today’s newsletter will cover:

  • The upcoming vaccination clinics at Imagine’s offices February 4, 25, and March 18.
  • Other resources to get the vaccine.
  • The COVID situation in Santa Cruz County
  • Update on cases at Imagine

Vaccine Availability Update: 

You should all be aware by now that Imagine will host vaccine clinics on February 4th and 25th as well as March 18. The Pfizer vaccine, which we will receive requires two doses, three weeks apart. So those who are vaccinated on the 4th should plan to receive their second doses on the 25th. Anyone who misses the 4th and would like to receive their first dose on the 25th, can receive the second dose on March 18.

Thank you to the 81 of you who have already submitted your information to Patty. If you have not done so, please fill out this form . If you are a conservator enrolling for a loved one and haven’t done so, please also fill out this form. Forms can be printed out and dropped off at the office or scanned and emailed to Patty. We have a fast approaching deadline for the clinic on the 4th so today or tomorrow, we will switch to collecting consent to get the first dose on the 25th. It isn’t necessary for you to fill out the top form if you consent to have us fill it out for you, but if you do the Clinic ID numbers (each date has its own) are as follows:

February 4, CI267278

February 25, CI265864

March 18, CI266164

And the Clinic Name is Imagine Supported Living Service, by happy coincidence.

A Note Regarding Gender and the Vaccine Clinic

The process we are required to use to sign people up for the vaccine clinic requires a binary male/female identity for each person enrolled. Imagine trusts our employees to identify themselves and respects the identity expressed without hesitation, confusion or concern. The laws of the State of California, likewise, respect the spectrum of gender and the right of each individual to state their own gender as they experience it. Unfortunately, the process for getting the vaccine does not respect variations in gender identity. If you are transgender, non-binary or have an identity not confined to male or female, get in touch with Patty to let her know how you would like us to handle this process for you.

As we’ve discussed before, Imagine clients, staff and caregiving family members remain in California’s second tier of Phase 1(a) and, as a consequence, can be vaccinated now through their own healthcare providers.

Santa Cruz County has announced that they are preparing to move into Phase 1(b.). They are calling for everyone in Phase 1(a) to go ahead and get the vaccine. The Imagine clinic is one way to do so, but the county has provided this document which has a slew of alternative sources as well as how to start the process.

If you need evidence that you belong in Phase 1(a) we have produced this letter for employees and this letter for clients of Imagine.

As of this writing, six Imagine clients have already received their first shot of a vaccine. This is a really valuable step in reaching to a safer world with more normal activities.

Santa Cruz County: The surge in cases that began after Halloween ended mid-month. The number of new cases has fallen 41% comparing this most recent week to the one before it. Please stay cautious, stay home as best you are able and continue to take the precautions we’ve grown used to. The good news is that they are working and infection rates are falling. When we first reached the current level, however, this was a terrifying spike. The disease remains widespread in the community.

This website gives statewide and county-by-county data. This is the County’s own website which is updated less reliably but has deeper information on the local situation. As of this writing, it shows 2,471 active known cases, which is more than 500 fewer than this time last week.

Cases at Imagine

At this moment and with no wish to jinx anything, we have no clients with active cases of COVID-19. Thank you to the five who have had confirmed cases for their strength and to the employees who saw those individuals through. I’m glad to report that the PPE and the recommended precautions can work. Four employees who had not previously been infected have served two Imagine clients through their disease without becoming infected themselves. Great job, friends.

We do have one new case of an employee who tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus in the last week. And I want to tell that story, because it also shows how quarantine can prevent an outbreak. Our employee visited a family member for the first time in a few weeks and found her unwell. As I understand it, she encouraged her relative to be tested and immediately phoned her Facilitator and agreed to quarantine while awaiting her relative’s result. Her relative tested positive and then she did, but because of her care, neither the client she serves nor her coworkers were exposed. As of the last I heard, she was not having symptoms which is wonderful but also makes her doing the right things more important. She could have infected her client while not knowing anything was wrong. That’s doing the job well and we’re grateful to her.

The science indicates that people who have had confirmed cases and recovered are immune for a minimum of three months. While we prefer to prevent our employees from catching this disease, each person who does and recovers should be safe to work with COVID+ clients. Because they are safer around the virus that causes COVID-19, our friends who have recovered make it easier for us to uphold our duty to care for contagious individuals.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

With gratitude and sincere wishes for your health, safety and wellbeing,

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