HR Corner – June 2021

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Hello all, 

You may have concerns about the change in leadership. For many of you, Julie has offered a good ear, considered your needs, felt your feelings and made you laugh. Periodically, int his column, I write to you about our open door policy, reminding you that you can always reach out to me, to Doug and to Julie.

I want to assure you all that, in the search for a new Director of Services, we are discussing and considering the importance of the empathy, openness and candor you have been able to expect from Julie. The open door policy will remain. We can’t promise the next Director of Services will be as funny.

But we do want to assure you that the next Director of Services will be expected to get to know you, to understand what makes life harder or easier for caregivers and to do his, her or their best for the whole community. While they get used to their new role and you get to know them, please remember that Doug and I are here to hear your ideas, wishes and concerns. You can write to me here, and Doug there.

In Good Health, 
Patty Lopez 

Sharing is caring
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