HR Corner – April 2021

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We’re so happy that all of our clients are vaccinated and we appreciate all the staff who are vaccinated as well. We have loosened some restrictions and look forward to loosening others as public safety allows. As of now, there is no final answer on how easily a person who has been vaccinated can still spread the disease. We do want to have lots of conversations with you about your plans so that we can keep your coworkers safe. Please continue to discuss with your facilitator any travel or activities you plan that might raise the risk to your team.

Federal COVID pay, which had been scheduled to end at midnight has been extended through September. Please reach out to me if you need to miss work due to symptoms, exposure or the need to tend to a family member who is ill with COVID-19.

While the vaccine is a step forward in managing the spread of COVID-19, we must all remember that it will not completely eradicate the disease. Many people will continue to be at risk, especially those that are unable to get the vaccine because of preexisting conditions. Because of this we must remember not to let our guard down at work or in public spaces in your personal life. We encourage the continued use of KN95 Masks while on shift, as well as social distancing, frequent handwashing and disinfecting of high touch surfaces. 

If I can be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to reach out.

In Good Health, 
Patty Lopez

Sharing is caring
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