The Self-Determination Support Learning Program

Imagine is excited to announce a new program to prepare individuals and companies interested in providing the critical infrastructure for the coming Self-Determination Program.  Self-Determination offers a new model, for people served through the regional centers, to design and run their own support.  Imagine supports self-determination and believes the success of the program depends on the availability of prepared Independent Facilitators and Financial Management Services. With support from the Palo Alto Medical Group Foundation’s Community Healthcare Endowment Fund and the partnership of the State Council on Developmental Disabilities’ Regional office, we offer our training, mentoring and networking program fee-free.

Our program focuses on helping those interested in the role of Independent Facilitator or Financial Management Service to learn from the experience of the pilot projects and prepare to serve this new segment of our system.  The program will be available to anyone interested who plans to serve Santa Clara and/or Santa Cruz Counties.

The curriculum will include the following topics:

  • The principles of self-determination;
  • Crisis prevention and intervention, monitoring and mandatory reporting in a self-directed program;
  • Overview of person-centered planning;
  • Management of service providers and employees;
  • Sustainable services: Business models, competition and marketing
  • Statute, regulations and the CMS waiver (as available.)

In addition to the training component, we plan for participants to form a peer-to-peer mentoring network which will continue after the training.  The group or groups will meet monthly for two hours.

We see supporting self-determination as a business opportunity for professionals in our system, but we especially see an opportunity for individuals and families served by this system to turn their years of experience into value for their peers and businesses for themselves.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in this training and mentorship program, please contact me at [email protected]  There are natural limitations on the size of the groups but we will do our best to accommodate everyone interested.  People from neighboring counties, especially Monterey and San Benito who are interested in a similar program should also contact us.

Be well,