Imagine Resource Library

Imagine’s Resource Library is designed to provide access to specialized resources to all members of our community. It does so by making communication, technology, and assisted living devices accessible to those who are unable to otherwise try and experience them; thereby increasing their knowledge and experience with hopes to enhance the quality of life, literacy, and the specialty skills that are required for successful community living and employment.

Who is the Resource Library for?

The Imagine Resource Library specifically targets several known segments of our community:

• Persons with developmental and / or physical disabilities

• Unemployed and/or underemployed

• Community residents with home/health needs

• Organizations that assist the above listed community members

What does the Resource Library have to offer?

The library will provide an individual the opportunity to use a computer with specialized software to support the needs of our community. In addition, the library will provide the opportunity to “check out” adaptive communication, technology, instructional materials, electronics, assistive products and media that may be used to enhance an individual’s community living experience.

Specific instructions for use of all resources, including basic computer operation, will be provided. Unfortunately, the resource library is not staffed and Imagine personnel will not be able to assist you with support beyond the application and check out process.

Yep, we’ve got resources for you!

To see all our resources, you can view a written list of items currently available in the Imagine Resource Library or check out a beautiful picture list!

For a PDF copy of the check out application, please click here.

For a PDF copy of the lending policy and process, please click here.

To sign up for computer time at the Resource Library, please use this Calendar link.