The ImagineNation Wander


We are excited to present our very first ImagineNation Wander 

Spring has typically been the season of the Human Race, but it has been cancelled for 2021. In place of this, we will be holding the ImagineNation Wander fundraiser on June 19th. This fundraiser is meant to promote community support while maintaining social distance. Keep reading for more info!

How It Works:

To sign up as a fundraiser or to donate, please click here.*

When the Human Race was cancelled for 2021, Imagine wanted to continue the spirit of the Human Race In order to preserve some Human Race aspects for the ImagineNation Wander, Imagine has decided to pass along 10% of proceeds to the Community Action Board of Santa Cruz County, a similarly-sized non-profit with the mission to partner with the community to eliminate poverty and create social change through advocacy and essential services. 

Imagine’s fundraising platform will be open through June 19th. You can sign up as a one-time donor, or you can create a fundraising page! Our goal is to raise $10,000. Fundraisers will then choose their own adventure for June 19th (e.g., a walk, a hike, a kayak trip, a motorized wheelchair tour of a nearby town), and let their social media friends and family know that they are supporting Imagine by sharing some pictures of whatever adventure they chose 

You don’t have to be in Santa Cruz to participate! So sign up wherever you are and do your wander! 

And don’t forget to tag Imagine on social media! #ImagineSupportedLivingServices #ImagineNationWander  

*We ask you, when you set up your page to describe the adventure you will do on or just before June 19th.  Once you set up the web page, our partners at Network For Good make it easy to set up your own page to share with Social Media.  If you need any help, please contact Lili.

Sponsorships Available: 

Along with fundraisers and participants, we are seeking sponsors who can contribute to the festivity. The value of sponsorship is to deepen the community-building aspect of the event by raising awareness and fostering pride in giving back.  And by golly, we already have one: Aveanna Healthcare! Aveanna Healthcare is a partner working to promote self-determination for people with developmental disabilities. Thank you Aveanna Healthcare, for helping sponsor our event!

Sponsorship levels:

Diamond level sponsors: $2000, will be thanked in media, have their logos on fundraising materials and on swag with equal prominence to Imagines, and will have copy included in social media posts and other media activities. 

Platinum level sponsors: $500, will be thanked in social and other media activities, and have their logos on printed materials. 

Gold level sponsors: $250, will be thanked on social and other media. 

If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact us here 

Giving Back:

One of the features we really like about the Human Race is that the non-profits support one another through a share of the funds raised. We wanted to keep that sense of community alive so, as we mentioned earlier, Imagine will give 10% of the proceeds from this event to the Community Action Board of Santa Cruz County, a local nonprofit that with the mission to eliminate poverty and create social change through essential services and advocacy. 

What is Imagine?

Imagine is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization serving Santa Cruz County.  Imagines mission is to empower people with developmental disabilities through service and advocacy.  We have three service programs: Supported Living Services (SLS,) Family Home Agency (FHA) and Summit.  These programs serve individuals with I/DD to live fully, richly and safely at home and in their community. Imagine has Fabric of the Communityas a core value and sees a part of its mission in building a more inclusive community for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.   

The difference fundraising makes:

In 2020, Imagine was challenged, along with humans across the globe by the COVID-19 pandemic which in our case came with wildfires which forced many of our clients and staff to evacuate.  Throughout last year and into 2021, Imagine relied on cash reserves gathered through prior years of fundraising to insure that cost would not be a barrier to doing the right thing for our clients, staff and community. Today, we have begun to prepare for the next unforseen calamity that will test our strength.   

Peer-to-peer fundraising is also a great way to promote the inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Your fundraiser signals to society at large that you value historically marginalized members of society. 

We can’t wait to see all your adventures!

#ImagineNationWander #ImagineSupportedLivingServices  

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