California Budget Crisis – Update on Trigger Cuts

With the state facing a $13 billion budget shortfall, on December 13th, Governor Jerry Brown announced that the state budget “trigger cuts” authorizing $1 billion in automatic spending reductions, including $100 million in cuts to In-Home Supportive Services and $100 million in cuts in spending to the overall developmental services budget will take effect on or sometime after January 1, 2012.
The cuts to IHSS has been stopped for now by a  federal court order. A hearing is scheduled for later this month.
While hopeful that the state’s economy will continue to improve and hopeful that voters will approve his proposed temporary tax increases, the Governor warned that his proposed 2012-2013 State Budget that he will release on January 10th will contain more proposed reductions.
Please help Imagine and all our friends, neighbors and relatives with disabilities by writing your legislators and insisting that there are no more cuts to our system. The California budget cannot be balanced on the backs of those that can least afford it!

To learn more about these devastating cuts and what you can do to help preserve essential services, please visit California Disability Community Action Network.